Your property by pooling your credits

A few years ago, this type of operation was not well-known by private individuals, and the repurchase of credit is now a operation Legally known by the general public. A banking product that is constantly evolving and whose distributors are constantly adapting to consumer behavior. Discover through our article the change that is known and still known today the restructuring of debts and credits!

The purchase of credits at its beginnings!

The purchase of credits at its beginnings!

In the beginning, like all new products by the redemption of credits is difficult to distribute. His image with individuals is rather negative, many believe that the pooling of credits is a scam. This is because the operation lengthens the repayment period of the various credits. So there is an impression that banks want longer spread to make more money by collecting more interest. Of course it’s a totally wrong impression!

It must be emphasized that the consumer behavior of society has changed enormously. Twenty years ago, consumer credit was much less sought after by individuals. This observation helps to understand that banks, or at least some of them wanted to create a new product to respond to this change in consumer behavior. Financial restructuring, also known as credit consolidation or credit buyback, was born to meet this new need. Today, conventional deposit banks also offer a credit redemption product for their preferred customers, unfortunately not passed adapted in response to their needs (too short duration, gain on monthly not important enough, etc.).

So over the years more and more repurchase of loans for individuals are funded. Initially, loan consolidation was first and foremost a solution for borrowers who had borrowed too much, and who could no longer cope with repayments of the many monthly payments. The cause: a debt ratio that is too high due to the vagaries of life (job loss, exceptional expenses, etc.).

Gradually the banks specialized in the repurchase of credit knew how to adapt the offer towards borrower profiles managers. Thanks to the possibility of taking over a minimum of one line of credit it is possible to Simon Legreer a new project. Owners benefit from a consumer loan buyback offer in the form of a personal loan with a repayment term of 180 months at a fixed debtor rate of only 3.95%. And a debt ratio after redemption of up to 45% insurance included.

A property with the approach of the repurchase of credit!

Simon Legreer a property with the approach of the repurchase of credit!

In other words, credit restructuring allows homeowners to keep their mortgage while financing new projects up to € 150,000 of the financed amount. And even more, with the new Hypo Acquiz product from our banking partner.

The particularity of this is that it allows the acquisition of a real estate only in the old with the possibility of integrating in the plan the repurchase of renewable or depreciable credits of nature consumption. But also much needed work to undertake in housing, or unallocated cash up to 15% of the amount financed, capped at € 20,000.

It may also be possible to buy back outstanding home loans that have financed a previous property. The amount financed is € 22,000 to € 1,500,000 and the amortization period from sixty (five) years to four hundred and twenty months is thirty five years.

The current indebtedness of the claimants is limited to a maximum of eighty percent prior to the transaction. The applicant (s) must not have more than fifteen credits in repayment. The period of bank account statements considered must not show a rejection of the deduction.

Exclusions, in other words the situations that make borrowers ineligible for this product are :

  • Ongoing legal proceedings (divorce, lawsuit, etc.), separated from body or fact
  • Collective proceedings not closed (safeguard, judicial procedure, company not closed, etc)
  • Non-resident tax in France
  • Debt procedure in progress


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