WPR Launches Investigative Podcast – ‘Mapped Out’

MADISON – In the Wisconsin election, the battle isn’t just about campaigns and candidates, it’s also about lines on a map. These lines, used to identify state and federal legislative districts for voters and candidates, are redrawn every 10 years based on US Census data. Even by usual partisan standards, the fight for redistribution in 2011 was exceptional.

“2011 has been a particularly controversial time in Wisconsin politics,” said WPR senior content director Noah Ovshinsky. And in all the chaos, another process unfolded, much of it behind closed doors. This had huge consequences for Wisconsin. “Mapped Out” tells this story and gives us a glimpse of what might be in store as the political maps are redesigned this year. “

“WPR Reports: Mapped Out,” a new podcast from Wisconsin Public Radio, is a six-part investigative series that delves into how things turned out a decade ago and how these decisions continue to affect the world. balance of political power in the state today.

Produced and hosted by award-winning WPR journalists Bridgit Bowden and Shawn Johnson, “Mapped Out” takes a look back in time to give listeners the context and background to understand how the redistribution unfolds today.

“Redistribution is something you might not think about every day, but it is actually one of the most important political processes there is,” Bowden said. “If you want to understand the last 10 years of Wisconsin political history, you have to understand what happened with the cards.”

In preparing for the series, Bowden and Johnson conducted dozens of interviews, reviewed hundreds of court files, and reviewed hours of audio archives of hearings, speeches and protests. The result is a sound-rich, research-driven podcast that tells a vital story for listeners in Wisconsin and beyond.

“Mapped Out” is available starting September 29 at wpr.org/mappedout and wherever podcasts are available. A free, live virtual event is scheduled for October 14, offering a behind-the-scenes look at “Mapped Out” and a chat with its creators.

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