Will Lafayette Parish teachers receive a pay raise or a one-time check?

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (KLFY) – Teachers in the parish of Lafayette may soon receive a pay rise.

The decision is in the hands of the Commission scolaire paroissiale Lafayette (LPSS). The decision facing the LPSS: Should teachers get a raise or a big paycheck at the end of the year? On Monday, the LPSS Blue Ribbon Committee met to give its recommendations.

The amount of money that teachers in Lafayette Parish could receive as a bonus depends on the excess sales tax collections each year. This year there was a lot of money left.

“We have had historically high sales tax collections this year due to the economic recovery and other unemployment issues, as well as the travel ban which prevents people in the community from spending money. So we had historical collections this year, which allowed us to have probably more sales tax collections than we normally would, ”said Matthew Dugas, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services at LPSS.

This is good news for the teachers of Lafayette parish.

“It gives us a bit more money to work on in terms of a permanent increase, as opposed to a one-time payment and a balance between the two,” Dugas said.

It is a decision that the school board must make every year. Should teachers get a big bonus check or a little extra with every paycheck?

Last year the school board chose to give teachers a one-time check for $ 1,850, but this year the Blue Ribbon Committee suggested giving teachers a pay raise and a small additional check.

“The committee’s recommendation is an increase of $ 500 and a one-time distribution of approximately $ 1,600,” Dugas told News 10.

The committee, however, says most teachers say they prefer the one-off check.

“If you were not to increase at all and give a pure distribution, that amount would be closer to $ 2,900,” he added.

The Lafayette parish school board will ultimately have the last word. They will vote on October 6 at the next school board meeting.

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