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The City of White Rock is preparing to resume management of multi-family and commercial solid waste collection, but residents and businesses will have to wait another 18 months for the transition.

According to a company report to be considered by council on Monday (October 4), staff recommend that council give first, second and third reading to the amended collection, removal, disposal and solid waste recycling, “which stipulates that many family and institutional, commercial and industrial properties can opt for city-managed services as of January 30, 2023, and must make the transition by March 27, 2023, or the date of termination of any private solid waste service agreement that was entered into before the Date of adoption of the by-law.

Staff also recommend that the board approve the hiring this fall of a full-time solid waste coordinator position, “because it takes a lot of staff time to coordinate the location and frequency of pickups with facility managers. (more than 252 buildings) and 96 properties (institutional, commercial and industrial), recruit the contractor, inform residents about the transition and manage the contractor.

The city announced in January 2015 that it would privatize commercial and multi-family recycling, garbage and organic waste collections; a decision chosen from among the options presented at the end of 2014 in a solid waste review report.

The decision, taken at a non-public meeting, was described at the time as a “fair and equitable” decision that would benefit businesses; also, that it was introduced due to new regulations and goals in Metro Vancouver.

However, it was a source of contention among those affected, angering many condominium residents, businesses and union workers in the city.

In November 2018, shortly after the last municipal election, council approved a motion by Mayor Darryl Walker for “some kind of comprehensive review of solid waste collection in our community, including the public and private sectors; including single family homes, apartments, condominiums, etc.

Open house discussions aimed at getting community input on whether White Rock should move to a city or city run town for multi-family and commercial waste collection, or stay with the current system took place. in early 2020.

In October last year, the Council approved funding for the purchase of replacement recycling vehicles and solid waste collection vehicles and, through legal counsel, determined that it could ask private owners by regulation to terminate contracts with private carriers.

According to the report prepared for the October 4 council meeting, a review of waste collection from other municipalities “found that collection by a city-managed contractor provides the most benefit to the City … of waste haulers on the streets of the City and would not require capital expenditure. “

The consultant estimated the annual contract cost for solid waste collection services between $ 1.3 million and $ 1.5 million, with multi-family unit costs of $ 164, of which approximately 5,500, and $ 4,000 per institutional property. , commercial and industrial.

The cost of the solid waste coordinator should be $ 100,000 per year.

The transition – identified as a 2018-2022 council strategic priority – “will require extensive communication,” adds the report from Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations Jim Gordon.

In discussing the issue of solid waste disposal at the September 20 meeting, Council. Scott Kristjanson said the municipal service “was cut off by the previous council fairly quickly and unceremoniously”.

Noting that the transition date is outside of the current board mandate, Kristjanson asked if the service could start earlier and “let the strata register if they wish.”

Gordon replied that the suggestion was “contrary to the instructions I have received”.

“There were concerns that several trucks from different companies were on the same street,” he continued. “Part of the difficulty with this is that we have about 400… customers, 100 of which are sales people. You need to define what their needs are in all three streams. Entrepreneurs need a lot of time.

“It’s going to take a year and a half for the garbage trucks we’ve ordered, so if a contractor has to take on this job, they have to get the equipment. But you can’t just throw it at them quickly and have only part of the city there, or it won’t work as the council hopes.

“Maybe we could shave a few months, I don’t know. We will do our best throughout our work.

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