What is Heardle Decades? Test yourself on music from the 80s, 90s, 00s with the musical game Wordle

2022 has truly been the year of everyday internet games like wordle and we music fans are spoiled for choice.

Whether or not you played the original musical spin-off Heardlethe premise is pretty easy to follow.

The online puzzle game involves people trying to guess which song is playing by just hearing the intro.

Although an unofficial offshoot – Heardle Decades – takes it a step further by breaking down the musical puzzle by era.

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What is Heardle Decades?

The Heardle Decades-related musical intro games and specific artist variants “are clones of the original Heardle game and based on the first version of the game”.

This unofficial spin-off lets you guess songs from specific decades, including the 60s through the 00s.

Similar to Heardle, users will be able to play a snippet of a song trying to guess which it is in as few tries as possible.

Once you’ve done all the decades, you can also try out some of the games that test your knowledge of the biggest artists in the industry, from the Pet Shop Boys to George Michael and Wham!

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How to play Heardle 80s, 90s, 00s and more

It couldn’t be easier to play either, you can choose the game you want to try from the main page of the website.

Users will find the format very similar to the original with the play button at the bottom of the screen, just like they do in Heardle.

Once you hit the play button, you have the choice of guessing or skipping a second to help refresh your music memory.

The website says you should only select the answer from the list provided and not try to cancel and type it entirely yourself.

He adds, “The game is looking for specific formatting and missing an apostrophe may result in an incorrect answer. So always select the answer from the list.”

Pressing skip or giving a wrong answer will reveal more of the song.

Once you get your correct answer (however long it takes!), you can share your score on social media, but it’s recommended not to post the full answer to avoid spoiling other players.

Play one of the decade or artist games via the Heardle Decades website.

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