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PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – At Christmas 2009, Father Logan McQueary thought he would be spending the holidays with his baby boy Gabriel. Instead, his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Johnson disappeared in San Antonio with their son, and soon he was nowhere to be found. She first told authorities that she killed the baby, then said she gave it away during a black market adoption, and the network of lies and deception began. For the first time, you’ll hear jail tapes, phone calls and new information as we investigate new leads in this case.


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Missing: Jhessye Shockley, 5: In October 2011, Jhessye Shockley’s mother reported that her 5-year-old daughter was missing from their Glendale, Arizona home and claimed she had been abducted. But as police followed a series of bizarre behavior, past arrests and horrific allegations of abuse by Jhessye’s siblings, it became clear that her mother was a major issue in the investigation. Now his family and investigators reveal that they agree on what they think happened and where they think little Jhessye is right now.

Missing: Mikelle Biggs, 11: Eleven-year-old Mikelle Biggs disappeared as she rode her sister’s bike down their street in Mesa, Ariz., And waited for the ice cream truck. Her sister Kimber walked inside for less than two minutes, and when she came out, Mikelle was no longer there. Authorities believe Mikelle has been kidnapped, but no arrests have ever been made. We investigate the timeline of events and the story is told through her sister, who at age 9 was the last person to see Mikelle alive. Now in her thirties, she hasn’t given up, and she and the detectives believe Mikelle might be nearby.

The Scottsdale Murder: In 2018, a Scottsdale man embarked on a series of serial murders, killing people one by one, and he’s always been one step ahead of the police. His motive would not be found and he would not be arrested until a lawyer gathered clues as to who he was killing and what had set him off.

Case Q&A – The bizarre death of Phoenix cop Sean Drenth: In this bonus episode, host Briana Whitney and producer Serjio Hernandez are interviewed by Kris Pickel about their key findings on the unresolved Sean Drenth case, which they found most troubling about the investigation. and whether they think he died by homicide or suicide.

The bomb that killed Tucson businessman Gary Triano: In 1996, well-known businessman Gary Triano was murdered by a bomb in the parking lot of a country club. The search for the brains behind the plot would take years to find, but the resolution of the matter ultimately ended in a love gone bad.

Questions and Answers on the Case: Robert Fisher: Dead or Alive?: In this bonus episode, our host Briana Whitney and producer Serjio Hernandez are interviewed by Kris Pickel on the extent of their investigation into the infamous Robert Fisher murder and disappearance case. They discuss all new tips and information and answer the question they always get … if they think Robert Fisher is dead or alive.

Case Questions & Answers: The Cold Storage Killer: In this bonus episode, host Briana Whitney and producer Serjio Hernandez are joined by Kris Pickel to discuss behind the scenes of their investigation into the disturbing Cold Storage Killer case.

The bizarre death of Phoenix cop Sean Drenth: In 2010, Phoenix Police Officer Sean Drenth was found shot dead while on duty. The scene was odd, and soon the conversation turned from homicide to suicide, although no one really knows what happened. Journalist Briana Whitney explores theories and learns of an explosive accusation from her family.

Questions and Answers on the Case: The Murder of Christy Ann Fornoff: In this bonus episode, host Briana Whitney and producer Serjio Hernandez are joined by Kris Pickel to discuss behind the scenes of their investigation into the murder of paper teenager Christy Ann Fornoff, and why this case was particularly emotional for them by compared to most.

Questions and answers on the case: Identification of “Valentine Sally”: In this bonus episode, host Briana Whitney and producer Serjio Hernandez are joined by Kris Pickel to discuss the behind-the-scenes process of setting up the “Valentine Sally” investigation, including the recent breakdown of the case.

Identifying “Valentine Sally” and searching for answers for 40 years: In February 1982, the body of a girl was found near a rural road in northern Arizona. For almost 40 years, no one knew who “Valentine Sally” was. The last person to see her alive talks about what she saw, and two weeks after journalist Briana Whitney’s first article on the case aired, authorities identified the girl using DNA.

Questions and Answers on the Case: The Sleepwalking Murderer: Briana Whitney and Serjio Hernandez discuss behind the scenes of their investigation into The Sleepwalker Murderer. They will share how they found all of the old video footage from his trial, what the judge really felt about what he saw in the courtroom and their theories that Scott Falater was asleep or awake when he killed his wife.

Questions and answers on the case: The murderer of the trunk: Briana Whitney and producer Serjio Hernandez are asked about the behind-the-scenes process of the 1931 “Trunk Murderess” investigation, what they found shocking and bizarre, and what they think happened to the murdered trunk and its victims.

The “trunk murderer” of 1931: In 1931, Winnie Ruth Judd was accused of killing her two best friends in Phoenix, cutting up one of the bodies, and then taking the corpses in trunks on a train to LA. But did Winnie Ruth commit the murders on her own?

The cold storage killer: In 1994, a body was discovered in a man’s large freezer near Prescott, Arizona, three years after a Southern California woman went missing after a concert. Authorities believe she is not the only victim.

The sleepwalking murderer: In 1997, Scott Falater stabbed his wife 44 times in their Phoenix home, before dragging her to their swimming pool and then storing the knife and bloody clothes in his car. But he said he didn’t remember anything because he was sleepwalking.

The murders on Bumble Bee Road: In 2003, a young couple spent the night camping on Bumble Bee Road, Arizona, to celebrate their first birthday. Both were found shot dead in their truck the next day.

Robert Fisher – Dead or alive?: In 2001, police believe Robert Fisher brutally killed his wife and children in Scottsdale, Arizona, then cut a gas line and the house caught fire. He was never found.

Sunset Limited train sabotage: In 1995, the Sunset Limited Amtrak train derailed overnight in the middle of the Arizona desert. One person died, 75 others were injured. Mysterious notes were left at the scene by the authors.

The murder of Christy Ann Fornoff: In 1984, 13-year-old Christy Ann Fornoff disappeared while on her print tour in Tempe, Arizona.

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