Trojans Wire takes to ACC Nation podcast to discuss realignment

It will be fascinating to see how the ACC is affected by the realignment. So many pieces of the national chessboard are in question, as to their position in two or four years.

More than a few people think North Carolina and Duke could eventually head to the Big Ten.

Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech (a former SEC school) and Miami could head to the SEC.

So much is in the air, as the Big Ten court Notre Dame and hope to land the Irish, after which more dominoes may fall in a specific direction.

The ACC is set to get a lot of TV money if members leave, due to being granted rights until 2036. Any school that leaves must donate their TV money to the ACC. ACC. The conference, under former commissioner John Swofford, has done its homework and won – at the very least – a significant set of penalties from its members if they rush for mega-conference pasture. in the SEC or the Big Ten. Still, it’s unclear whether granting the rights will prevent these outright defections.

ACC Nation and its host, Jim Quist, greeted us for a quick rundown of the realignment. We touched on the ACC, but also looked at the full national picture enveloping USC, Pac-12, and more. It’s a fast-paced podcast, so if you’re pressed for time this holiday weekend, don’t worry.

Just wait five minutes, the duration of the podcast. Follow Jim and ACC Nation for insightful ACC podcasts and ACC conversations throughout the year!

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