Top 15 Podcast Advertisers Unveiled

Brands such as Amazon, Canva, CommBank, Hyundai and Nine Entertainment Co ranked among the top 15 podcast advertisers in Australia in the third quarter of 2021 according to a new study.

The Australian Radio Network (ARN) iHeartPodcast network has partnered with Magellan AI to compile the first list of Australia’s top advertisers.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the report is based on analyzing more than 13,747 episodes of over 400 podcasts in Australia over the three-month period to determine which brands are spending, encouraging marketers to branch out into this rapidly growing medium.

The proprietary model then determines advertiser spend based on proven inputs. The model takes into account the number of ads detected, variation in ad load, ad types and multiple episode samples to identify and account for dynamic insertion. Additionally, Magellan AI’s international sampling allows for comparison between different regions to ensure that announcements and spend are specific to Australia.


Corey Layton, Head of Digital Audio at ARN, said: “As ARN’s iHeartPodcast network continues to be the benchmark for premier podcast advertising, we are delighted to partner with Magellan AI to provide these improved tools and data to our teams and customers. The extent of big brand advertising in the podcast space is testament to the effectiveness of targeting audiences.

“As ARN continues to define audio, this partnership is a natural extension of the Australian Podcast Ranker, beyond our own network and across the industry. “

According to Magellan AI’s analysis, Australian ad investment in podcasts increased 35% quarter-over-quarter, with more brands seeing the value of targeting audiences through podcasts, as well as the traditional radio advertising.

Magellan AI CEO and Co-Founder Cameron Hendrix said: “We are delighted to partner with ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network, Australia’s leading podcast publisher, to provide this localized information. We will provide updates on the top podcast advertisers in Australia quarterly. Anyone interested can register at to receive new data as soon as it is published.

The top 15 podcast advertisers of the quarter are:

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