SINGAPORE, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — THIS IS THE SHIP, from Asia biggest festival at sea, has been sailing the seven seas since 2014 and is about to embark on a journey into the metaverse after a three-year hiatus. It will be from Asia first music festival to combine blockchain technology with an immersive festival experience, having already hosted some of the world’s biggest artists on a 5-star international cruise ship.

At the forefront of this shift to the future is IT’S THE SHIP’s first NFT collection. Named “DuckDrop” – each Duck NFT represents a different character or personality from the ITS THE SHIP music festival. Each duck has unique characteristics, giving them access to real, cashless experiences aboard any ITS THE SHIP scheduled throughout the year.

Access to free cabins, lifetime discounts, backstage access, and most interestingly, voting rights where DuckDrop holders can have their say in the future. ITS THE SHIP experiences are among the first perks introduced for all Duck NFT holders. The first wave of the Genesis collection is extremely limited to 888 ducks, with a total supply of 8,888 to be released throughout 2024.

DuckDrop’s long-term goal is to grow the Ship community into a thriving ecosystem focused on music festivals, extended experiences, and uniting like-minded people. “We are bringing people together and supporting the entertainment and music festival industries by releasing NFTs in hopes it will bring us closer to fans. We promise this will be the first of many experiences in the future. One of main utilities offered by DuckDrop is a cool real-life experience to spread to all its owners.” quote by Samira DavidsonProject Manager.

For the inaugural NFT collection, the Genesis, 888 eggs will be available for typing. DuckDrop holders will be able to witness the eggs hatch and chain evolve into unique ducks with four base traits. The DuckDrop NFT will be available for purchase on the official website or on the secondary market via OpenSea. After the Genesis is released, the mint price will increase as the overall supply shrinks and more ducks are introduced. IT’S THE SHIP plans to collaborate with well-known NFT artists and brands for the following collections.

Watch the official DuckDrop announcement video here. To keep up to date with this project, visit or follow us on:


The Livescape Group is an award-winning creative experience and business incubator based in South East Asia and is behind some of the biggest event and festival-focused entertainment IPs in the lifestyle industry. Post-pandemic, The Livescape Group is now a creative experience and business incubator, and continues to future-proof its entertainment IPs by evolving from Web2 to Web3. The Livescape Group currently has offices based in Malaysia, Singaporeand Jakarta.


THIS IS THE SHIP is from Asia The biggest festival at sea, sailing through Singapore, China and South Korea since 2014. With a community of 300,000 shipmates from around the world, IT’S THE SHIP is about to embark on a journey into the metaverse after a three-year hiatus. IT’S THE SHIP is based in Singapore, from Asia most blockchain-friendly country.


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