These hotels offer free music therapy classes throughout the summer

Never underestimate the power of music therapy.

Believed improve a person’s mental health and general well-being, thanks to the reduction of anxiety and physical and psychological symptoms, music therapy classes are now offered to guests free of charge at the three properties of the Margaritaville Vacation Club throughout the summer.

Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham, which includes properties Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Nashville, Tennessee, has partnered with a music therapist certified by the board of directors Noel Anderson and will now offer guests private and fully customizable sessions using sound therapy, songwriting and instruments to help them get back into vacation mode.

“Music therapy has long been viewed as an established health care related service for people of all ages and is very effective in helping people understand and process emotions,” said Noel Anderson. “With so many changes and isolation over the past year, music therapy can have a positive effect on mood and emotional states by releasing ‘feel-good’ neurochemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. .

In addition to the free sessions, travelers can take advantage of a reading list curated by Anderson at Pandora Margaritaville Station which was designed to keep that vacation spirit intact throughout your trip and beyond.

“Music therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for relaxation – a key component in releasing stress as vacationers prepare to venture out into the world again,” said Anderson.

Music therapy sessions are available for travelers who book a stay anytime between now and August 15, 2021. For more information on Margaritaville’s music therapy package, you can visit the link here.

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