‘The Way Music Died’ is a free MUST WATCH short film on the dark side of streaming

WATCH HERE NOW: For this short documentary, the filmmakers sat down with music industry professionals to discuss how streaming platforms like Spotify affect artists and the quality of modern music.

It’s a decidedly negative view of Spotify that not everyone will agree with.

The past two years have been contentious for Spotify and its founder Daniel Ek with record streaming revenue and huge financial gains for the CEO despite a global pandemic that has seen most artists’ main source of income – live performances. direct – to evaporate.

The film’s in-your-face style does its job well: forcing artists and fans alike to re-examine the dark side of music streaming.


  • Georgia Train – Singer, songwriter and vocal coach
  • Mishkin Fitzgerald – Singer of BirdEatsBaby, music teacher, studio engineer
  • David “Milky” Hooker – Rapper, producer, mental health activist
  • Chris De Banks – Founder of “Not Saints”, Artist Manager, Touring Musician

Bruce Houghton is the founder and publisher of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank and acts as principal advisor to Groupsintown who acquired both publications in 2019. He is the founder and president of the Skyline Artist Agency and a teacher for Berklee College of Music.

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