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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week? Well, that’s sorting things out, with plenty of cinematic stuff to feast on.

The Top Ten are everywhere. Human beings like to classify things. From the music charts and this time Ed Sheeran had a record sixteen UK Top 20 hits (including nine Top 10), to the movie charts (can you believe Mad Max: Fury Road was neither a US nor a UK box office number one?), to the top ten baby names and ten tallest buildings in the world. Reaching number one is an unbeatable level of personal validation, but to figure out what number one is, you need numbers two through ten. If you need to know the literal top ten of anything, you need to The Top 10 of everything podcast.

While not technically a movie podcast, hosts Pav and Neil often focus on movies and actors for episodes in which, as the title suggests, contain their personal top ten of this subject. The idea for The Top 10 of everything came after four successful years of their podcast on the BBC comedy show This country. 200 episodes later, they thought they were done with their podcasting experiment, until Pav came up with the idea for a Top Ten of Anything podcast. The idea of ​​moving from a subject to a classification of all subjects? Oh the possibilities!

Pav and Neil host together, with Pav taking on the rest of the general podcasting duties. We’re not suggesting that Neil is a slacker, unlike Pav when we contacted them. It’s a podcast that has a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and energy to spare. Clearly Pav and Neil have a great relationship, with a few ribs here and there, but what’s great The Top 10 of everything is that there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone will have a different top ten of something, especially with episodes on topics like parody movies, movie deaths, sitcoms, and chips. It’s tokens for US readers.

Top 10 crisps? Impossible task, yet Pav, Neil and their weekly special guests handle this topic, and many others, with aplomb. The episodes are hilarious, witty and every top ten almost never contains what you’d expect except for all the Neil and Pav charm and whimsy that you would have expect.

Is there anything they won’t be ranked in the top ten? Actually no. Even some slightly more racy subjects have been featured on their Patreon for followers. It’s a family feature, but let’s just say it’s not the kind of top ten you would discuss with your parents. However, no top ten is ever off the table for Pav and Neil, and because of that, every week you’re guaranteed something in episodes of The Top 10 of everything that you will enjoy listening to.

Although we can’t list our ten favorite podcasts, The Top 10 of everything might one day and it deserves to rank number one.

Recommended episode: Episode 20 – Christmas Movies – (December 20, 2021) –

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