THE SCOOP | RCM Launches Oscar Peterson Program: Tuition-Free Music Education for Young Musicians

The Royal Conservatory of Music (Photo: Eduard Hueber, The Royal Conservatory of Music)

The Royal Conservatory has announced details of the Oscar Peterson programme. The initiative comes several months after the MRC renamed its music school in honor of the famous Canadian pianist.

The program will provide free music training to youth in the GTA who are underserved when it comes to formal music education.

Music has the power to change lives. It provides a proven gateway to improving self-confidence, discipline, creativity, and acquiring the learning and social skills necessary for academic success,” said Colin Clark, artistic director of the Oscar Peterson program in a press release. “Music lessons in public schools have declined over the past few decades. By removing financial barriers, this new initiative strives to address inequity of access while reflecting Oscar Peterson’s firm belief that music education should be accessible to all.

Colin Clarke, Artistic Director of the Oscar Peterson Program (Photo: Stuart Lowe, The Royal Conservatory of Music)
Colin Clarke, Artistic Director of the Oscar Peterson Program (Photo: Stuart Lowe, The Royal Conservatory of Music)

The details

  • The program begins in October 2022;
  • Students will receive instruction from faculty at RCM’s Oscar Peterson School;
  • The RCN will provide instruments as needed;
  • They will also be able to attend concerts given by world-class musicians performing at Koerner Hall.

Space is limited and students are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later.

  • The students in From 6th to 9th grade are invited to apply by September 17;
  • More details and for apply here.

The Oscar Peterson program will offer two components: orchestra and researchers. The Orchestra will be a performing ensemble, while the Scholars program will select particularly talented and committed students. They will be able to study the entire RCM curriculum over a period of several years.

A choir component will be added in September 2023.

“The Royal Conservatory strongly believes that the transformative power of music should be accessible to everyone. As a thriving center for music education and performance, RCM is uniquely positioned to provide students from equity priority groups with this extraordinary opportunity to study music and enrich their lives,” said Dr Pierre SimonPresident and Chief Executive of the Royal Conservatory.


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