The return of music in the park touches the Caribbean Free News

Inspired by Caribbean beaches, pirates, guitars and seaside bars, the group was inspired by singer-songwriter James Edward Johnson. The self-proclaimed “Island Addict” began writing three songs celebrating the island way of life. It quickly grew to 12 and a full album project was born.

With the help of longtime friends Dave, Mark and Jack, the PGBB group combines elements of classic rock from artists such as Stones, Police and Huey Lewis with tropical colors from artists such as Bob Marley. Worked on creation, Shaggy, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney. The result is a fun, energetic, and world-themed party album, perfect to add to your Fun In The Sun playlist.

Since the album’s release, Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars has been released worldwide and has become a solid seller on iTunes. Approximately 10,000 physical copies have been distributed in the United States, Canada and Australia. Some songs from the album can be listened to on land stations and the Internet.

In the spring of 2015, Johnson brought the sound of Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars to the hall stage with Peter Stoke on bass, Steve Hagrand on drums and Chris Frankman on lead guitar. One of the highlights of the PGBB show is the famous PGBB shooting ski. Spectators are invited to watch the show enjoying group photos at the pirate stage with four friends.

The return of music in the park touches the Caribbean Free News

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