The Queen’s funeral will be a beautiful day, says the King’s music master

The Queen’s state funeral will be a day that will shine a light on the “wonderful things that can happen in music”, the king’s master of music has said.

Judith Weir served the late monarch as the Queen’s Master of Music until her death, becoming the first woman appointed to the position in 2014.

Following Charles’ accession to the throne, Ms Weir becomes Master of the King’s Music until her term expires in 2024.

The Queen’s funeral will be a ‘significant day’ which will touch millions.

“It will be a beautiful day, we will see the most wonderful things that can happen in music,” she told the BBC.

“I also think it’s an important moment for us to really realize that we won’t be seeing the Queen again.

“She won’t show up like she did so often, even last year doing delicious things, cutting a cake at WI or something. She’s dead, this is our moment of reality.

The composer and musician, 68, also spoke of the Queen’s enjoyment of music.

She said: “In my experience, she was a person who had a lot of music in her life. She had had a very musical upbringing, piano lessons, used to sing amateur plays when she was young.

The Queen delivers a speech at the Philharmonic Hall in Slovakia (Chris Ison/PA)

“But of course in her adult life she was surrounded by music, she really admired these wonderful military bands.

“She was a committed churchgoer and head of the English church, she went there at least once a week and she and her husband really listened to this beautiful Anglican music and could really tell it apart.

“I would also say, of course, that she was a young person in the 40s and would have heard a lot of great show music from that era.

“I don’t remember her being assertive about the music tracks, but she was very clear about good or bad performances, whether people did well or not.

“I think that’s why a good word from her was worth having.”

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