The PLA faction has hit the wrong target

I campaigned for greater investment in Broadmeadows a decade before I was elected a local MP, founding the Global Learning Village model for lifelong learning at the heart of this impoverished community to the point of even missing of a public library.

The proposal for global ideas proved to be successful. Advocacy ranges from expanding CSL’s vital manufacturing in Broadmeadows to provide independent supply chains and national sovereignty, now including vaccines, to the Cancer Moonshot partnership with the White House. A new deal is proposed with US President Joe Biden for a new brain-winning collaboration against COVID, cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

CSL scientists are making COVID vaccines at the company’s Broadmeadows production facility.

Working with our world-renowned medical researchers helped clarify the imperatives that led to landmark successes: the Andrews government’s $ 400 million investment in the Australian Institute of Infectious Diseases and Victoria’s victory in the bid. national manufacturing of next-generation messenger RNA vaccine technology to protect against future pandemics.

Support for the creation of a whole-of-government strategy to tackle the root causes of crime continues.

I didn’t design my career to be a politician. After investigative journalism and working in business, I thought the results might overcome the punitive side of spoiler tactics, but I was still wary of the fractional number game with its sense of the right to the winner.

As the first person raised on Broadmeadows to represent this community in the Victorian Parliament, I felt compelled to confront the so-called ‘faceless men and women’ voting in Melbourne, telling them that I had joined a cause and not gang, and reminding them of Australia’s oldest political party, was founded to fight for the have-nots and the poor, too often left behind in secret, closed-door deals. I called that in my 10 years as an MP.


The actions of the national executive should be of concern to everyone in the labor movement. I was frowned upon because I was outside the new factional power alliance. Performance, results and overall ideas didn’t matter as Broadmeadows is a safe seat, too valuable in the eyes of factional powerbrokers not to control it.

This sends a disturbing message to the next generation of community advocates who are independent and outspoken.

The community expects the screening and promotion of elected officials to be based on experience, performance and credibility, not on factions’ relentless play by numbers which has proven to be so divisive and divisive. of corruption.

Broadmeadows community leaders have expressed shock and dismay. I have been humbled as the survivors and advocates whose stories I have heard, and the courage I have tried to convey as Vice Chairman of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Management of Child Abuse which released the landmark “Betrayal of Trust” report.


I will not call a by-election. My obligation is to shoulder my responsibilities and serve the people who elected me with the highest primary vote of any ALP candidate in the last Victorian election.

Australia looks to Broadmeadows in times of existential threat of war, training soldiers from ANZAC in Gallipoli, to fight our worst bushfires; for immigration when people or perish defined our economic peril for refugees from Iraq, Syria and Somalia; to the prosperity of large-scale manufacturing with muscular jobs, to the combination of elegant science and CSL craftsmanship in manufacturing over 50 million doses of vaccine to save lives at home and abroad in time pandemic.

Too often when disasters pass, Broadmeadows is forgotten and left to disadvantage like an orphan.

Frank McGuire is Victoria’s Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research, Crime Prevention, Chair of Broadmeadows Revitalization Board 4.0 and Member of Parliament for Broadmeadows.

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