The new name of the old Container Store will be announced at the Tysons Block Party

Container store now closed at 8508 Leesburg Pike (Photo by Michelle Goldchain)

After this weekend, Tysons’ old container store will no longer be known as “the old container store”.

The 19,260 square foot county-owned site with 95 parking spaces at 8508 Leesburg Pike is being transformed into a community center and venue for local events through a collaborative effort between Fairfax County, Tysons Partnership and Celebrate Fairfax Inc.

Tomorrow (Friday), Celebrate Fairfax and participating vendors will host another Tysons Block Party from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., during which a the new name will be announced for the place. The name was chosen based on an online poll conducted by Celebrate Fairfax on its social media accounts.

“Activating this site is part of a multi-faceted community building process at Tysons that recognizes the importance of creating places,” said Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik. “Having spaces like the one at 8508 Leesburg Pike in Tysons allows us to build social infrastructure, in addition to the built infrastructure that continues to grow. “

Vocalist Caz Gardiner is expected to perform at the event attended by an array of vendors such as Settle Down Easy Brewing Co., Zainy’s Flyin ‘Grill and Hangry Panda.

In addition to a new name, the site will soon be given a facelift with a mural by artist Rodrigo Pradel. Before work on the mural begins, however, Tysons Partnership is soliciting the community for input on the design with an online survey.

“Upcoming events in this space, including the Tysons Block Party and Live Mural Event, are just two of the many opportunities for the Tysons community to share experiences and build new relationships, right here at Tysons, ”Palchik said.

“This site can be a leader in facilitating in-person experiences and a model for creating places in our county,” she added.

After the container store moved to 8459 Leesburg Pike in 2018, the county acquired the site in 2019 for $ 16.6 million with the intention of using it to support community innovation and entrepreneurship.

The county received various proposals for the use of the site before the pandemic, including a suggestion from development officials to use it for community events.

However, during the pandemic, the building was adapted for emergency use. For the past year, it was used as a storage site for personal protective equipment and was designated as a hypothermia shelter from December 1 to April 1.

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