The loan can be collected at the post office


Lenders often ensure that the good of the client is most important to them. Confirmation of this can be all the facilities they introduce and new opportunities. However, not all of them are directed to people who like technological innovations or are advanced in using a computer or the Internet. Loan companies also remember those who do not go with the times and remain loyal to traditional solutions. So if you don’t have a bank account or just prefer to get a loan in hand, the solution to your problems may be a loan to collect at the post office. More and more lenders are offering cash pickup at a post office. How does it look like? Who can use this solution? Which companies provide this opportunity? Let’s see.

Pickup loan at post office

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Although a loan with collection at a post office is a traditional solution, few lenders have decided to include it in their offers. It was made available by those who saw that a large group of potential borrowers was rejected in advance because they did not have a personal bank account. Loss of customers due to not adapting their offer to their needs has become the main reason for introducing the option of collecting cash at the post office. Providing such a service is also a nod to older consumers who may have a problem finding their place on the web.

Depending on the company selected, the relevant documents needed for withdrawal will be provided by courier or sent by e-mail. Unfortunately, in this situation, we will not bypass the need for electronic mail. Despite the introduction of a payday loan payment solution, many companies will also need to complete an online application. However, everything is adapted to different levels of computer skills. Therefore, we should not have a problem with completing all formalities. If there are any, we can call the Customer Service Office, where all doubts will be dispelled by the employees of the institution.

Mail loan – for whom

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Hearing about those who do not have a bank account or do not want to use it, we primarily think about the elderly. Of course, the offer of collecting loans at the post office is also addressed to them, but not only. There are also young people among us who choose not to use a personal account. Sometimes it can be caused by excessive fees and long waiting times for completing formalities. Other times, the reason will be preferring cash payments. Undoubtedly, the lack of a bank account these days can be problematic. However, the loan for collection at the post office is also directed to those who simply do not want to mention the loan in their transaction history or feel more confident when collecting money in person.

What is a GIRO check?

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Lenders can collect cash at the post office by entering GIRO checks. What exactly is this? In short, it is a simple solution for withdrawing money without a bank account. Standard checks are nothing new and exist in people’s minds longer than the current banking system. However, their current use may come as a surprise to many. If you choose the form of payment by GIRO check, it will be sent to us electronically or via courier. In the first case, you will need to print the document yourself. We should also remember about the additional fee for the option of collecting cash at the post office. It will be collected not by the lender, but by the facility where we will make the check.

How does the loan to be collected at the post office work?

For many people, the problem in finalizing the application process was the need to verify the customer by transferring a small amount or using a special Instantor application, for which it is necessary to have a bank account. In these situations, GIRO checks come in handy. It is sent to us electronically together with the loan agreement or courier. It can be implemented immediately upon receipt, and the only limitation remains the working hours of Poczta Polska. So, we can bypass problems with delays due to elixir session hours. The borrower does not have to wait for the payment to be credited to the bank or for transactions between banks. If we have received the necessary document, all we have to do is go to the facility and withdraw the money. However, this will not be an attractive offer for people who prefer to complete all formalities without leaving home.

How do you make a GIRO check?

The entire process of inference remains unchanged. Only when choosing the form of payment can you not forget to check the GIRO check option. So, first we go to the lender’s website and specify the amount and loan period we are interested in. Then we go to the application, clicking “Apply” or “Take a loan”. The form should be filled in with your personal, contact, address details as well as basic information on finances.

However, the identity verification process is skipped because it will take place when collecting cash. After processing the application and receiving the appropriate print, we can go with it to the nearest Polish Post Office. The most important thing is not to forget three basic things: the GIRO check, the loan agreement and the ID card or other document that we used to verify the data. After confirming the identity, we will receive the requested money and use it for any purpose. Let’s remind once again about the payment for checking the check.

Loan with pickup at the post office – advantages and disadvantages

A loan with collection at the post office allows you to avoid being excluded from the group of potential customers who do not use a bank account. It also allows some degree of anonymity. We leave no trace of the loan on your account. It’s a good solution for people who want to hide their financial problems from someone who also has access to the same bank account. Some also consider the option of withdrawing cash in a mailbox as a safer solution.

What are the disadvantages of receiving a post office loan? One of the basic disadvantages is the need to spend more time visiting the Poczta Polska office. Long queues are not new to this institution, neither are they banks. In this way, the waiting time for the payday loan, which we were supposed to receive within 15-30 minutes, extends up to two days. An additional imperfection is the calculation of receivables in the amount of PLN 13 for the possibility of using the GIRO check. This fee will be charged to the account of Poczta Polska.

The loan can be picked up at the post office – offers

It is worth noting that the conditions for obtaining a loan are similar in each of these offers. They differ only in age limits, which will be marked for specific companies. General conditions are the need to have Polish citizenship, permanent residence in Poland, an active phone number and good credit history.

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