The Black Effect Podcast Network Has Grown The Podcast Industry Volume In Its First Year

Last year, media mogul Charlamagne the God, well known for his long radio history, launched his own audio platform Black Effect Podcast Network. A year later, the platform has grown 400%, with almost 147 million downloads.

“It was an incredible achievement,” Dollie S. Bishop, president of production and creative development for Black Effect Podcast Network told For (bes) the Culture. “We’ve done 29 shows in the past 12 months. We’ve reached people in all areas of entertainment, from sports to comedy, people who aren’t into entertainment, from newbies to podcasters. It’s awesome. . I think we’re ‘I’m just here to keep amplifying the black voices and letting everyone know we’re here. “

And the BEPN audience is there too. Over 4 million listeners tune into the platform’s various shows each month, including the popular “85 South Show”, “All the Smoke”, “Black Tech Green Money” and more. “We’re grateful to partner with some shows that have made a name for themselves in podcasts,” Bishop said.

Charlamagne says BEPN’s show list is hosted by people he was previously in contact with. “These are people that I am really a fan of,” says Charlamagne.

“A lot of the shows that we partnered up with were already out there. I was already listening to them anyway. The new podcasts that we launched like the ones by Jess Hilarious and Eboni K. Williams, these are people I got them. follow-ups on anything. do it anyway, “Charlamagne continued.” I just like genuine people. Genuine people who are not afraid to speak their truth to power. “

The success of the platform is largely attributed to the powerful kinship between Bishop and Charlamagne. The breakfast club the host says he was planning to work with Bishop at some point.

“I look at the people who inspire me. Like the Jay-Zs of the world, and when you go to Roc Nation and you look under the hood of Roc Nation and you see who’s in the leadership positions at Roc Nation. who’s really moving at Roc Nation – it’s Jay’s family. Lots of women. Women of color, ”says Charlamagne.“ Dollie is a boss, period. I just knew that someday I was going to have something that I want Dollie to run. I wasn’t even sure if podcasting was something she even wanted to be. I just know that Dollie is really gifted with the talent. She’s really good with people. She is really good at managing and organizing. So, I just asked him. Dollie takes care of all that. “

Bishop shares the same sentiment as Charlamagne regarding their symbiotic relationship, mentioning that the two have a strong partnership based on trust and understanding.

“I think we have a line of trust and direct understanding with each other, and we can kind of guess what the other would be open to or what the other would be open to. I know he trusts. that I wouldn’t make a decision that he wouldn’t, and I think it’s the other way around, ”Bishop says.

And in turn, the two have the same goal for the platform: to be a leading medium.

“I want Black Effect to be a media company,” says Charlamagne. “I want to have the Black Effect newsletter, and we’re going to be expanding the website in a real way. There will be a lot of different things that we will be implementing over the next year or so that will make Black Effect an even bigger experience than it is. ‘s already outside of podcasting. ”

“Charlamagne wanted to create a business that was for us by us so that we could show the representation that we are in that space and that we can function, and we can run media companies like everyone else,” says Dollie.

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