SunLive – Glass makes a welcome return to curbside

Glass crates are making their long-awaited return to Western Bay’s curbside collection service.

Blue glass crates will return to curbside collection times from Monday, April 11.

Food waste collections still cannot be collected.

“The restoration of glass crate collection comes as collective Kerbside contractors from Western Bay of Plenty District Council begin to get back behind the wheel after self-isolating as household contacts or positive cases of Covid-19,” says Gary Allis, Deputy Managing Director of the Council and Head of the Infrastructure Group. .

“While some drivers have returned to work, we do not yet have the capacity to bring food waste collections back online.”

Gary says they are thrilled to announce the return of the glass collections.

“We know how great our community is at recycling and how eager they will be to put their glass crates back on the curb.

“We are very grateful to everyone for their patience during this time.”

Gary says to anyone who’s been able to keep all their glass jars clean and empty – remember contractors can’t take over filled crates – the level with the lip of the crate is the maximum that can be collected at that time.

“And remember that any extra bins or glasses placed on the sidewalk next to the Council-approved checkout will not be collected.”

Unofficial containers and cardboard boxes tend to be overloaded and collapse when handled. This can lead to broken glass on roads and sidewalks, causing potential health and safety hazards and additional delays for our curbside collection team.

“We ask that excess glass be slowly fed back into your recycling over future rounds of collections as needed, or brought to one of our community recycling centers.

“Drivers have to manually sort glass at the curb, and lifting an overfull crate can lead to injury.

“Also, our collection trucks can only collect a set volume, if we were to take all the glass our community has carefully stored, it would likely fill our collection trucks before they complete their daily run, and the people at the end of the race wouldn’t. I don’t pick up their drink at all.

The team continues to work on bringing food waste collections back online.

“In the meantime, you can freeze your food waste, add it to your vermicomposter or compost, or as a last resort, put it in the red-lidded bin.”

Check when your next glass collection is with the Council’s collection day finder

Sign up for free Council curbside collection day reminders by downloading the Antenno app.

“Each week we’ll send notifications to your smartphone the day before your collection day westernbay.govtnz/antenno,” says Gary.

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