Stories of sustainability: an audio-guided walking tour

Lace up your sneakers, grab a cane, and grab a smartphone on Kamloops’ all-new walking tour. The first tour kicked off on Thursday July 14 at Cunliffe House in Riverside Park.

Created by the Community Alliance for a Resilient Kamloops, the Sustainable Stories Tour is a partnership of local groups and individuals in support of sustainability.

Creators Dr. Kim Naqvi and Deb Alore were on hand at Thursday’s tour launch to explain the project’s features and background.

“This project was born out of a coalition of groups in Kamloops who decided to work together to come up with ideas to support the community action plan,” said Alore.

The five stories focus on sites in the city‘s downtown, sharing people’s experiences of events that unfolded during their lives in Kamloops.

The task force and story makers sought to share their own experiences of sustainability from events taking place in the city.

Participants can learn about the tour online or can spontaneously stumble upon the downtown signs, then use a smartphone to scan the QR code to enjoy a five-minute story as they continue walking.

“It’s not a specific Kamloops story, it’s a series of examples of alternative ways of doing things and ways of thinking differently,” Naqvi said.

The project will continue to add more stories to the tour, exploring other areas of the city as people continue to share their stories.

If you have a sustainability story to share, email inf[email protected]

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