Stick to Sports Podcast: Ohio State Football Recap, Buckeye Donut Craving, Catfish Biff’s, More

Land-Grant Holy Land’s Stick to Sports is unlike any podcast you’ve heard on the Ohio state to beat. Your hosts, Matt Tamanini and Jami Jurich, will be talking about Ohio State sports (of course), but the show’s main focus will be on what happens on the outskirts, like weird / funny events. in college football and the big sports world, as well as other things that interest us between games, be it pop culture, social media trends, etc.

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After a six-month hiatus, Land-Grant’s less sports-oriented podcast Holy Land is back and this time Matt Tamanini welcomes in LGHL columnist and former “The Lantern” editor Jami Jurich as co -animator. The two theater geeks reflect on Ohio State’s 2021 football season, laugh and cry over little Jimmy Harbaugh’s potential future, ask themselves a handful of curious questions, and make some recommendations on things you should check out.

Matt’s recommendation: “Station Eleven” on HBOMax

Jami’s recommendation: Elmo quarrels with Rocco

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Twitter: @JamiJurI am

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Twitter: @BWWMatt

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