Smithsonian podcast centers queer voices in aerospace

How did gay flight attendants fare in the early days of air travel?

Can science fiction with LGBTQ+ characters make the space more inclusive?

What is the Air Force and Space Force doing to address LGBTQ+ issues?

These questions are just a sampling of those asked and answered in QueerSpace, a limited series podcast from the National Air and Space Museum.

Focused on stories of aviation, space and identity, the podcast is hosted by Erin Barker, co-founder of the Story Collider science storytelling program, and Sofia Soto Sugar, program coordinator at the museum.

Although the series is only four brief episodes long, it takes an ambitious take on flight, space, and science. The bite-sized episodes cover everything from sci-fi depictions of LGBTQ+ people, the experiences of service members who identify as queer, and how queer artists confront and portray space.

The show’s topics and topics “have been historically and intentionally ignored at the intersection of aviation, space, and LGBTQ+ history and culture,” in the words of the intro. ‘episode. Each episode invites listeners to learn more, offering recommendations that can serve as starting points in these under-celebrated stories.

Ready to listen? Find QueerSpace on your favorite major podcast platform or on the museum’s website at Transcripts are also available on the museum’s website.

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