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Iyou have 65m downloads and count. It claims the record for the largest live podcast audience of all time. He has sold the London Palladium and is heading to the O2. By all accounts, Sh ** ged Married Annoyed is a phenomenon, and I wish him well. But do I want to see him one day live on stage? Reader, I don’t know.

This is not to deny the charms of Chris and Rosie Ramsey as our hosts, which are considerable. The success of the podcast surely lies in the relativity of this couple next door, but also in their rude but loving camaraderie. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with (who wouldn’t want to be?) a husband and a wife who make each other laugh? Chris may be the professional comedian, but Rosie is no slouch, creating a live-action dinosaur cartoon from a recording of her husband’s snoring, or playing her alter egos Belinda and Barry Beef on a screen. hidden.

The show, like the podcast, includes recurring features like What’s Your Beef ?, about the things that annoy Chris and Rosie the most (and the couples in the audience) about each other, and Questions from the audience, which solicits scandalous anecdotes from fans. Tonight, we hear about a man jerking off in the air conditioning coolant of a Boots branch, a father who “bags” a woman, and a patient hospitalized with a battery charger. ‘iPhone stubbornly lodged behind her back.

The Ramseys never knowingly under-react to these stories: each is greeted with extensive displays of hilarity from both. But then they know how to sell stuff, ending the first half with a shameless five-minute infomercial for their online styling service sponsor. To this old Bill Hicks fan, it looked like a civilizational Rubicon crossed – but no one else seemed to care.

Advertising aside, it’s rolling: I can easily imagine this saucy back-and-forth forming a cheerful backdrop to a run in the park, ironing, or making a cup of tea. But does it reward the quality of engagement that accompanies live performances? Two hours later, their story about the mother slicing her constipated poo with a knife and fork struck me as too much fun.

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