‘Setting The Table’ Podcast Explores How African American Cuisine Pave The Way For American Cuisine

Setting the Table is a new Whetstone Radio Collective podcast hosted by a food writer Deb Freemanand premieres March 8.

Setting the Table explores the histories and histories of African American cuisine and pathways, and lays out the argument that African Americans created the basis of American cuisine, even though it is one less explored food genera.

(Deb Freeman — photo credit: Joshua Fitzwater)

The podcast sheds light on how black people have shaped the way this country eats and drinks and will speak to chefs, scholars and food writers such as award-winning chef James Beach Mashama Bailey, James Beard award-winning author Adrian Miller, Washington Post Food Writer Aaron Hutchenson, Top Chef Finalists Chris Scott and Adrienne Cheatham.

Some of the topics that will be explored throughout the ten episodes are the Great Migration, the decline of black farmers, the complicated relationship between black chefs and soul food, and the hidden legacy of black distillers and brewers.

“Having a full podcast that will focus on black culinary history is an incredible opportunity,” Freeman told Black Enterprise.

“I’ve been writing about black food for a few years, and it’s a new medium that will allow me to delve into things like how black women use food as a tool for activism or how black women used to make beer in the 1800s. These are the kinds of things we need to talk about to get the full picture of the black culinary landscape.

The Whetstone Radio Network was created by Stephen Satterfield, one of the most important and respected voices in food media and host of the Netflix docuseries High on the Hog. Satterfield created the first food podcast network of its kind, dedicated to the history of food origins around the world.

The podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other streaming services. To learn more, click here.

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