SampleRadar: 500 free IDM samples

In case you didn’t know, IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music, and if you’re really smart, you’ll soon have access to a whole host of samples to help you create it.

The download link below is your gateway to a wide selection of sounds inspired by Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Autechre.

What do you want to know

The IDM samples are divided into five key construction kits and labeled by tempo. Each of them contains the basic kit – which contains rhythms, drum hits, bass loops, atmospheric sounds and two or three other instruments – and an alternate folder which includes a collection of loops made from the materials starters of the basic kit.

All samples are provided as 24-bit WAV files and can therefore be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they’re royalty-free, you can use the samples in your music however you like – all we ask is that you don’t redistribute them.

The IDM samples are provided in a zip file, so you will need to extract them before you can view them. Enjoy!

Examples of sounds

Beat 160bpm

120bpm synth bass

Pad synth 140bpm

165bpm atmospheric sound

100bpm piano effects

IDM samples: click to download

IDM Samples (292 MB)

These samples originally appeared on Computer music Magazine cover DVD. Check out the latest issue for many more.

For over 70,000 additional samples, visit our SampleRadar hub


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