Real Crime Podcasts: 15 Of The Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen To, According To Spotify Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts hasn’t stopped, with many of us making it part of our daily routine to listen to our favorite pods almost daily – and there’s no denying that the need for in-depth podcasts on actual crime has grown dramatically over the years. last decade.

Although with such a comprehensive list of real criminal podcasts now available through Spotify, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the choice.

Cults, conspiracies, cold affairs and all the rest, real crime can go from fascinating to heartbreaking in an instant, and for fans of the genre desperate to learn more about specific crimes, podcasts offer invaluable insight often not found elsewhere. .

Thank you very much, if you are a real fan of crime, we have saved you the trouble of finding the most popular add-on by popular streaming service Spotify.

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