Preparations underway for talks on possible repairs, “tangible amendments” for damage from the Tulsa race massacre | Politics

The Tulsa Race Riot Commission’s redress recommendations included, in order of priority: payments to living survivors; payments to the descendants of those who suffered material damage during the violence; a scholarship fund; business tax incentives for the District of Greenwood; and a memorial.

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It has now been more than six months since Tulsa City Council approved – and Mayor GT Bynum signed – a resolution apologizing for the violence perpetrated against blacks in the 1921 race massacre.

The six-month deadline is important because the resolution also includes language promising counselors’ commitment to make “tangible reparations” for the violence and to establish within six months a community-led process to assess “recommendations for”. reconciliation ”made by the state. 1921 Tulsa Race Riot Commission two decades ago.

The deadline hasn’t made much noise, but it’s a date Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper hasn’t forgotten. Hall-Harper, the city’s only black city councilor, said last week she was working with Standpipe Hill Strategies, World One Development Group and others to create a process for receiving public feedback, and hopes to announce details in January.

“Right now I’m looking for funding for these community-led conversations, and then we’ll take it from there,” Hall-Harper said.

The city councilor intends to use private funds for the initial public engagement process to ensure that it takes place in a way that fully and faithfully reflects the wishes of the black community.

“I want to be very intentional about this work and who is doing it because if the community doesn’t trust it it won’t work,” Hall-Harper said. “And historically, with respect to the black community in particular, any community, but certainly the black community, when the municipal government is leading the way in something, to be perfectly honest, we’ve always been fooled.

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