Podkesmas Asia Network Brings Indonesian Podcasts to the Global Stage by Collaborating with Spotify

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Jakarta, Indonesia, October 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Indonesia’s largest podcast network, Podkesmas Asia Network (PAN), unveils new audio cinema series, a collaboration with popular streaming platform Spotify. Already at the top of the charts in their country of origin, PAN is casting its eyes on the regional market with its new production Spotify Original.

Spotify Original is the streaming giant’s recent initiative for original podcast content, partnering with local creators from different countries to produce high-quality series. Ahead of their first official production on Spotify, PAN began streaming their episodes on the platform in 2019 with fan favorites like GJLS Podcast, Agak Laen Podcast, Malam Kliwon Podcast. The network currently has ten podcasts available to stream, dominating Spotify’s top rankings in Indonesia and worldwide, with more than 130 million pieces and 2.9 million unique listeners.

PAN’s new Spotify Original production, titled “Balada Onggok si Anak Durhaka”, comes with a high production value and a comedic storyline infused with local flavors. Inventing the genre as “Blockbuster Fantasy Comedy Audio,” PAN seeks to deliver a cinematic audio experience to avid podcast listeners.

“Our collaboration with Spotify marks PAN’s willingness to enter the APAC market,” said Roy Simangunsong, CEO of PAN. “Our original content has been well received by audiences, ruling over 40% of Spotify’s Top 10 Global Episodes and Podcasts over the past few weeks. With the increasing demands for quality podcast content in APAC, we are ready to develop, collaborate and produce more podcasts. “

APAC has seen an increase in podcast consumption amid continued lockdowns across the region. According to consumer analytics firm GWI, 66% of people listened to podcasts in APAC on a daily basis, with Indonesia have the most listeners in South East Asia. At Spotify, podcast listening increased 30% year-on-year, with total hours consumed up to 95%.

“By producing quality content, we want to be a catalyst for that growth,” added Roy. “As a growing podcast network, we are also constantly looking for new podcast talent to develop more productions, for example through our Podcaster Event programs organized in partnership with local radio shows. “

About the Podkesmas Asia network:

Launched in 2019 as a podcast show by four leading Indonesian broadcasters – Ananda Omesh, Imam Darto, Surya Insomnia and Angga Nggok – Podkesmas, then in one year created Podkesmas Asia Network is now the most listened to podcast network in the world. countries with over 2.9 million unique streams per month and a retention rate of up to 80%.

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