Podcast docuseries based on Ronan Farrow interviews – Deadline

HBO Documentary Films has given the green light to Catch and Kill: podcast tapes, half-hour, six-part docuseries based on interviews with Ronan Farrow, Emmy winners Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (HBO’s Carrie Fisher: Drink Wishes) and World of Wonders.

The series, produced by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Farrow, brings to life his interviews with whistleblowers, journalists, private investigators and other sources, made for his podcast and best-selling book. Catch and Kill: lies, spies and a plot to protect predators. The docuseries begin with two consecutive episodes on Monday, July 12 at 9 p.m., with new episodes airing the following Mondays at the same time. The series will debut on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

The docuseries span the podcast and the book, with never-before-seen footage and new information, incorporating additional sounds and images from documents, audiotapes, photos, stock footage and illustrations. The series not only focuses on the heartbreaking efforts to expose a powerful predator, but the systems that help cover up the terrible crimes to date, according to HBO.

Bailey and Barbato direct and produce. Executive Farrow produces. Mona Card and Unjin Lee are also producing. Francy Kachler produces and edits. Tina Nguyen is a senior producer for HBO, and Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller are the executive producers.

You can watch a trailer below.

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