PODCAST: Colts podcast reveals why Indianapolis Colts lost to Las Vegas Raiders

The Indianapolis Colts prepared very well for Sunday’s game.

After big wins over the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals, the Colts have placed themselves safely in the playoff table and prepared to claim the AFC’s fifth seed.

However, the Las Vegas Raiders entered Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday and had other ideas. The Raiders crushed any idea of ​​the Colts getting a playoff berth by beating Indy 23-20. The loss takes the Colts to 9-7 this season, as it will take a win in Week 18 to clinch a playoff berth.

Monday, Horseshoe caucus Analyst Andrew Moore and co-host Brandon Moses of A Colts podcast took a look at Sunday’s game to see why the Colts couldn’t mind business. The guys recapped a variety of topics from the game, including the Colts ‘slow performance, Carson Wentz’s struggles, the Colts’ defense issues with Derek Carr, and more.

Brandon and Andrew also take a look at the rest of the Colts news of the week and recap the latest episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks In Season: Indianapolis Colts as the show takes place behind the scenes of the Colts’ Christmas Day win over the Cardinals.

After the Colts conference, the guys take a peek at all the action on a Week 17 wild game roster as playoff spots are clinched throughout the league. All of that, plus the rest of the news around the NFL and the Colts’ player of the game.

Stay tuned A Colts podcast throughout the season as a benchmark for all previews and recaps of Colts games throughout the year. Special guests and analysts will be featured to give you a comprehensive look at every Colts game of the 2021 season.

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