Podcast: A need for inclusion in the pork sector

In this edition of the Real P3 podcast, Dr. Casey Bradley chats with Katherine Marcano-Bell who, along with her husband, Brandon, owns a 12,000 hog contract feeder farm in Iowa, USA. They discuss different aspects of one of the most pressing problems in the American pork industry – work.

The Real P3 podcast series is an initiative where pork professionals around the world are asked about the challenges and solutions in their daily work.

Marcano-Bell is from the Dominican Republic. She and Brandon met in college and now work closely together on the farm, which fattens the pigs as soon as they are received on the farm at around 35/40 pounds (16/18 kg).

The importance of listening to pigs

She talks about the importance of listening to pigs, and her husband says she has an eye for detail and is better than him at taking care of younger pigs.

Dr Bradley and Marcano-Bell discuss how to integrate people from an urban environment into farm staff who have no training in agriculture. Marcano-Bell also shares her thoughts on the challenges faced in the industry as she fulfills the roles of mother, wife and non-traditional Hispanic / American farmer. Dr. Casey asks how we make women more appreciated in the industry, and we can build a better community and a better support system for non-native employees.

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