Podcast #826: Novice to Advanced — The Weightlifter’s Journey

I have been bodybuilding for seven years. During that time, I’ve achieved personal bests that I’m proud of: a 615-pound deadlift, a 225-pound shoulder press, and a 465-pound squat. However, in the past couple of years, I haven’t reached these kinds of important milestones for a combination of reasons, including dealing with injuries, having less time, and experiencing a shift in motivation.

Many weightlifters, as well as amateur athletes of all kinds, will follow a similar trajectory as they move from first starting to deepening their fitness journey. Here to guide us through the phases of this journey is my own strength coach, Matt Reynolds, who is the founder of Barbell Logic Online Coaching. Matt talks about how the things his lifters focus on change as they go from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and why it takes longer to get stronger the longer you lift. We then discuss how to rediscover your motivation to train once your max rep progress slows by finding new PRs to pursue and learning to appreciate the process over the outcome. We also cover how to stay consistent with your workouts when life gets busier as you get older, as well as how to deal with common injuries – both the injuries themselves and the mental game of overcoming them.

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