To date, over 7,300 NH companies have taken out PPP2 loans | state

Businesses in New Hampshire are taking out loans under the second round of the federal paycheck protection program at a steady rate, but slowly declining, according to the latest report from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

During the latest reporting period (Feb. 7-15), the SBA approved 1,273 New Hampshire loans totaling $ 108 million, bringing the total so far to 7,341 cases for $ 704 million. During the deliberately slow rollout (Jan. 11-24), Granite State companies took out $ 233 million in loans.

The average loan amount has also decreased. The average loan amount in New Hampshire started at $ 108,000 but is now $ 96,000. This is still above the national average of $ 75,000, which is also declining. There is still a lot of money left in the $ 284 billion program. As of February 15, nearly 1.7 million US companies had received $ 125 billion in loans. The program is due to expire at the end of March.

The vast majority of second-round borrowers go for their second loan, according to another SBA report on Feb.11 data. At that time, less than $ 10 billion out of $ 115 billion went to borrowers for the first time. It is not known how much of this amount was given to newly eligible businesses and organizations, such as trade associations and chambers of commerce.

In addition, as of February 11, more than 5 million businesses across the country with loans totaling $ 521 billion have requested cancellation under the first round of the PPP and 1.6 million with loans totaling 142, 6 billion dollars were granted to him. The companies were denied the $ 420 million pardon. About 189,000 forgiveness requests amounting to $ 76 billion are still pending, and approximately 3.4 million business requests totaling over $ 300 billion in PPP loans have yet to be submitted.

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