No tax increase for residents of Tift Co. as commission approves $ 29 million budget

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) – No tax increase is planned for residents of Tift County after commissioners approved the $ 29 million budget for the next fiscal year.

It was approved at the committee meeting on Monday evening.

According to Tift County Commission Chairman Tony McBrayer, public safety departments, like EMS and the Sheriff’s Office, receive some of the largest portions of the budget.

President Tony McBrayer(source: WALB)

McBrayer said this budget is actually a bit higher than last year.

“It was a bit higher because we cut last year’s budget by 15%. That was the state’s suggestion when COVID hit, you know, not sure what the tax collections would be and all that, so we cut the budget last year. And then actually the collections were pretty much normal so we had a surplus last year so that budget is a bit higher this year, ”explained McBrayer.

The Tift County DUI Court will also continue to operate.

The commission approved a grant in the amount of just over $ 114,000 and approved the allocation of $ 25,000 of DATE funds to the court.

McBrayer said these annual state funds are needed to keep the program running and to help offenders get back on their feet.

“Give them training, advice and advice and change their habits, their way of life, change their way of life. Which honestly benefits the community, ”said McBrayer.

The Commissioners are also getting closer to the paving and widening of parts of Bowen Road.

Bowen Road
Bowen Road(source: WALB)

At the committee meeting on Monday, they approved nearly $ 10,000 for Colquitt EMC to move the utility poles to get the project started.

“Parts of the project are already underway and once the utilities are moved we can really go in there and start the enlargement process,” McBrayer told WALB News 10.

McBrayer said Bowen Road will be leveled and rocked over the next three to four months, then rest over the winter to harden, and then be paved next spring.

He said that throughout the process there should be no rerouting or traffic delays.

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