New fashion favorites: tennis and golf

Manors is a new, golf-inspired brand that identified a gap in the cool golf apparel market for Generation Z. “The biggest brands were trying to look at market trends and technical performance,” says the co- founder Jojo Regan. “They were professional white guys swinging golf clubs hard and fast and trying to shoot low. Unfortunately for 99% of golfers, we are trying to beat 90. If I dress like Rory McIlroy, it’s not going to take five strokes off my game. Launched in 2019, Manors is about to embark on a third round of golf. funding through strong revenue growth, Regan said.

Manors and Mr P both adjusted the pieces to allow for a swing, ranging from a slightly elongated collar area to a slight stretch in the chinos. One of the founders of Manors doesn’t even play golf, which keeps the assortment from getting too technical, Regan says.

The role of physical sports spaces

Stylist and designer Alex Eagle launched the Alex Eagle Sporting Club in 2020. It’s a physical club in London’s Soho with an accompanying clothing collection. Eagle recognizes that tennis is “going through a huge, huge time.” His sports club drops combine a tennis aesthetic with a range of athletic and athleisure inspirations. “I’m always looking for ways to make luxury accessible. I want to make sure that sports that haven’t seemed so open to people become accessible, ”she says.

Before the club’s launch, Eagle’s clientele was 80% women over 30, says the founder. Now it’s closer to a 50/50 split between males and females, with the new lines appealing to teens as well as older buyers.

Tajer has the ambition to one day create a physical sports club for clients from Casablanca as well, with the aim of creating a community around the brand. “I like the idea of ​​having [consumers] in an imaginary place that could one day take place in the real world – a local tennis club.

Eagle seeks to balance technical performance clothing with athletic recreation, all with a touch of luxury. “We’ll probably keep making drops because it’s fun,” she says, “but eventually we’ll have all the classics still available. These classics are likely to include white joggers, a hoodie, brushed-back cotton separates, and cashmere sets for pre and post-sport activities.

Manors also intends to produce classics, recognizing an appetite for consistency among its customers. “If you’ve ever wanted to buy a polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, you know you can buy a navy polo shirt anytime,” says Regan. “We offer the same experience.

Lifestyle is the way to go, insists Net-a-Porter’s Page. “Real performance pieces are complemented with everyday layering options to deliver style and functionality, both on and off the pitch,” she says. “What sets our edit apart is that it has a fashion point of view. It offers practical and efficient tennis pieces while incorporating a retro touch that seems current, relevant and trendy.

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