Morning Kagro Podcast (AUDIO): Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Thursday! David Walman + Greg Dworkinagain, for KITM³, Fifth Amendment Edition:

President Joe Biden’s beautiful week continues his streak of success. Inflation is flat as a table top. Joe and Jon have teamed up to Obtain health care for veterans exposed to burning fireplaces. Meanwhile, the Republicans’ onslaught on women’s rights reminded voters why they voted for Biden in the first place and pitched the Democratic party like never before…

So let’s talk about the lying depravity of Donald Trump as if it was in 2015, let’s go? Donald took the 5th over 400 times yesterday because he learned of the need for it when he took the 5th nearly 100 times in 1990. Also, the FBI searched the company he’s been squatting at since 1993. Trump claims he is the victim of tactics he deployed once, which happens to be his favorite tactic to deploy.

Chief lookout Marco Rubio wants to know why he wasn’t told about the search plans, and Tucker Carlson was on vacation where he could not speak to a troubled nation. If only someone knew in advance that all of this would happen! (Psst… someone did…) The truth is, they are not very bright guysand here substantial public interest in this matter, so…

The GQP is gripped with anger and fear, even more than usual, because once the law is applied to someone like Donald Trump, it is only a matter of time before the laws start to apply to other people…maybe even THEM, and that’s a line you can never cross. If it was just a Republican banana republic, this kind of thing would never have happened, because Hillary Clinton, AOC and Barack Obama would have been treated a long time ago. Sure, Alexander Vindman has been managed, and plans are now in place for everyone from Eric Swalwell to the FBI.

Two Indiana officers arrested a man for not being supportive enough of the police.

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