Millennials making memes about cheap flights

As the number of COVID-19 coronavirus cases continues to rise across the world, some countries have closed their borders to help prevent the spread of the disease.

But many airlines are launch flight offers on the left, on the right and in the center to compensate for the retreat of the tramps on the airplane seats. As companies start to cancel work-related trips, festivals start to postpone or totally abandoned events, and weary vacationers willing to give up their trips, airlines scramble to make up for the lost coin.

Although travel insurance generally does not cover pandemics and epidemics as grounds for cancellation, people continue to take out travel insurance for their next vacation. As it stands, most trips will only be reimbursed if the countries are declared totally prohibited by government agencies, if travel insurance was purchased prior to the advertisement.

However, this information hasn’t stopped transaction-hungry millennials. As the toilet paper crisis and the rush to store seizes several countries, the young generations take everything in their stride. Little anxious to prepare for the doomsday-type event that seems so rushed by baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Z, only focus on one thing: cheap flights.

Fortune reports this coronavirus could cost airlines up to $ 113 billion in lost revenue thanks to a drop in demand and an increase in cancellations. So it’s no surprise that in response to growing fears of the COVID-19 coronavirus, airlines are offering some of the cheapest flights they’ve ever advertised.

Australian airlines like Virgin offer direct round-trip flights from Sydney to Los Angeles for a miserable $ 766 – only one month from the date of travel. It’s a route that often costs more than double that price during most times of the year.

But it’s not just Australian flights that have been cut, airfares from the United States to Europe are almost the cheapest they’ve ever been. Major airlines like American, United, Delta and Air France are currently offer round trip fares from New York to Paris for the inexpensive price of $ 285.

As a result, the younger generations have started to laugh at the idea of ​​taking these super cheap flights for “coronovacations” and “corona vacations”. For many young people who struggle against increased cost of living and general life responsibilities like student loans and car debt, those low coronavirus airfares may be one of the few chances they have for a great vacation.

In addition, the grim “wanting to die” joke plays on baby boomers’ fears of the “deadly” coronavirus, despite the disease having only one 3.4% death rate.

So when you combine young adults wanting to travel without having money, hating baby boomers, the enticing concept of being quarantined from human interactions for 14 whole days and wanting to die … well, you get quite a bunch of highly relevant coronavirus holiday memes. .

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