Midwestern tornadoes activate nation’s emergency blood supply

Community blood centers respond to natural disasters

CAROLINES AND GEORGIA, December 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Blood Emergency Readiness Corps (BERC) has been activated in response to the tornado outbreak in the Midwest. Yesterday’s inclement weather resulted in an immediate need for blood products in the areas affected by the tornadoes.

The Blood Connection (TBC), along with three other “on-call” blood centers sent additional units of blood to Blood Assurance in Nashville for immediate trauma care to victims in affected states.

This event marks the third time the BERC has been activated since its launch in September, and the first week of TBC engagement unit rotation to be booked for an event like this.

“The Blood Connection is currently working to provide vital blood to the hospital treating the patients of this terrible disaster,” said Delisa English, President and CEO of The Blood Connection. “Although this is our first week on call with BERC, we are ready and able to help those in the Midwestern communities with the loyal TBC blood donors in our communities here at home. Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and loved ones. “

In the face of an increasingly unstable blood supply, The Blood Connection has helped establish a unique partnership across the country alongside 21 other community blood centers to prepare for emergencies where blood needs are high. The BERC is made up of blood centers across the country that have committed to collecting additional units of blood on a rotating “on-call” schedule. Additional blood products will be kept in reserve for any critical need scenario, such as a mass shooting or natural disaster.

Blood centers nationwide have faced widespread blood shortages in recent months, creating a tightly-knit national safety net for mass trauma and other high-casualties. Whether there is an emergency or not, blood donors are continually needed to maintain the stable blood supply of local hospitals.

To find opportunities to donate, donors can make an appointment by going to thebloodconnection.org/donate or calling 864-255-5000.

About the blood connection

Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, The Blood Connection has been committed to saving lives since 1962. TBC is an independently run, non-profit community blood center that supplies blood products to more than 70 hospitals in Georgia. , South and North Carolina. Caroline. Recognized by the United States Congress for its dedication to disaster preparedness and to the community, TBC works diligently to collect blood from volunteer donors to meet the ever increasing demand. By keeping collections local, TBC serves hundreds of thousands of patients per year in its communities. TBC is licensed and regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. For more information, visit thebloodconnection.org.

CONTACT: Ellen Kirtner The Blood Connection 9842221104 [email protected]

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