Mentalist Shows How He Can Hypnotize Podcast Listeners With Just A Two-Minute Trick

Hypnotism is the act of putting someone into a mental state like sleep, in which their thoughts can be easily influenced by someone else.

A hypnotist is someone who uses hypnosis as a form of treatment, or sometimes entertainment.

A professional hypnotist can use various ideas and create change with their clients. But it’s something that can’t be seen publicly all the time.

But a professional hypnotist has left netizens shocked and bewildered after giving a presentation of his abilities.

Mentalist Robert Temple has shown how he is able to hypnotize people with a simple sleight of hand that does not involve the use of any tools or gadgets.

He shared a technique he uses to hypnotize people on his show ‘Jack’s Happy Hour Podcast’.

Believe it or not, he then performed the two-minute round for listeners at home.

Temple began by asking viewers to put their arms out in front of them. After that, he explained that when he counted to two, listeners should turn their left palm up and close their eyes when he reached three.

He advised listeners to do nothing but listen to his instructions.

Watch the video:

In the next step, he asked listeners to imagine him placing “a very heavy pile of books” on their left palm, which would get heavier and heavier as he added more books.

He then asked people to imagine a stack of red helium balloons attached to their right index finger, which would lift the finger towards the ceiling.

He repeated the instructions, then snapped his fingers and asked everyone to open their eyes and examine where their hands were.

Many listeners checked out the comments section after participating in the experiment. Most of them were shocked,

One user wrote “It was crazy, I tried and all the muscles in my left shoulder got exhausted, and my right arm literally flew weightless, it’s amazing!”

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