Jon Stewart Asks, “Who Decides” About Podcast Misinformation – Deadline

Old Daily show host Jon Stewart tackles one of the biggest questions of our time: “Who gets to decide” what information constitutes “disinformation”.

Speaking on his Apple+ podcast, Stewart cast a cynical eye on so-called ‘fact checkers’ and legacy media labeling some stories as bad news and dismissing them.

“The New York Times, on the right, was a giant purveyor of disinformation and misinformation,” Stewart said, citing the outlet’s support for the reasons for the war in Iraq. “And it’s as touted a media organization as you can find, but there was no accountability for them.”

Stewart stressed that he was “very vocal” about his opposition to the Iraq war in 2003, a minority opinion at the time.

“During the war in Iraq I was on the side of what you would think the mainstream is disinformation, I was promoting what they would call disinformation but it turned out to be true years later and the establishment media was wrong,” Stewart mentioned. “But what I mean is, it’s quicksand, and I think I care about, well, who decides?”

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