How to start your art collection

Roop Pratap Choudhary
(Courtesy of Roop Pratap Choudhary)

Choudhary’s indulgent pastime dates back to his childhood. Being born into a family belonging to the lineage of Maharaja Ranjit Singh has certainly helped. “I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a family that has a long history tends to offer one with information and stories about heritage, legacy and legacies. In my opinion, art is a way for me to connect to this heritage and this culture. “

For Choudhary, nothing is forbidden. “My collection contains works of art from all over the world, but I tend to lean towards pieces that personify the royal cultural heritage of India. The real value of a work of art lies in its superior craftsmanship and history, ”he says.

Reading about art is one thing, collecting it is a whole other world. There are no dummy primers or guides for a novice. Thorough research on the subject is the best way. Choudhary agrees. “The art world is magnificent but massive; it’s easy to get lost. If one wants to own works of great quality and significance, then it is important to do your research and take the pulse of the market. I know what the international auction houses are doing, ”he says.

Navigating art auctions is not a piece of cake either. “There is a lot of competition for a few works, so you need to prepare a bit to find out more about the works on offer and define your strategy. But participating in an art auction is very engaging and a lot of excitement builds up before it starts, ”explains Choudhary.

Regarding digital auctions, Choudhary says, “Digital auctions have made the whole process convenient, but I prefer the atmosphere of the live event. The whole process of being there and feeling the excitement of other art enthusiasts is different. Art must be felt and lived.

The community of Indian art collectors, according to Choudhary, is nominal. “There are only a few millennials who actively build their collections,” he says, before concluding with a few tips for novice art collectors: “The best and the worst in the art world is that there is no roadmap, we have to find their way for each work of art. By participating in an auction, be prepared. Do your research, understand how it works, learn the technical terms and you will find so the pleasant experience It may look like a competition but in reality it is an individual journey.

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