How to plan a round the world trip aboard the 196m The World

Ownership of a luxury home on The world offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of your own home at sea. Since her delivery in 2002, the 196 meter private residential yacht has visited over 1,000 ports of call on seven continents. But with owners representing 165 residences on board, how is the navigation route decided? And what are the highlights for 2022 and beyond?

The world crossing the equator in Namibia

A shared ambition

The world operates on a collectively owned basis and is home to a community of residents from over 20 countries. Despite the diversity of the inhabitants, they are united by a common thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore the planet. As a result, In the world The sailing itinerary combines a unique travel lifestyle of total luxury with expeditions, adventure, education, fitness and fine dining.

The World in the Maldives

Plan and prepare

A major factor in owning one of the 165 exquisite private residences on board The world is the ability to influence the navigation route. By working with the yacht’s captains, an itinerary planning department in its Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based management office, and a resident itinerary committee, the community can have a say in where they go. will go around the world as the ship circumnavigates the globe every two to three years. The current ambitious 2022 trip was approved by a resident vote held three years ago to allow sufficient planning time. The itinerary will take the mega yacht to five continents with three organized expeditions along the way.

The world at Philpots Island, Nunavut, Canada

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Learn from the experts

These expeditions are specially planned in-depth explorations of a region, often to more remote areas that would be difficult for a person to visit on their own. To enhance the experience, residents are accompanied by a team of selected experts such as anthropologists, naturalists, historians, marine biologists and archaeologists who provide an in-depth understanding of the history, culture, landscape, flora and fauna of the chosen destination and more. Their breadth of knowledge is unmatched and is shared through activities such as lectures, shore trips and informative hikes. This year’s expeditions include voyages to discover the Tuamotu and Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia, the Austral Islands of Polynesia and Iceland.

Among some of the ship’s incredible expedition experiences are exploring the exotic interior of the Seychelles, jungle trekking in Borneo and wildlife spotting in the Svalbard archipelago. Residents have been known to swim across the equator off the west coast of Africa, unexpectedly joined by a nearby pod of pilot whales, kayak alongside penguins, whales and seals in Antarctica, and take a helicopter ride over the majestic glaciers and fjords of Greenland.

The world east of Greenland

Let yourself be tempted by the itinerary

Thanks to the ship’s expert planning team, informative booklets are created for residents to learn about each destination visited. The detailed guide and map outlines the destination and times for daily activities such as snorkeling and golfing adventures, fitness activities, restaurant recommendations and galleries. Once well-informed, locals are left to indulge in some of Earth’s most incredible natural wonders.

Unlike most passenger ships, The world spends nearly twice as many days in port as at sea, so residents have time to explore each area in depth. Experiences have included exploring the world heritage sites of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas via the historic Belmond Hiram Bingham train, venturing into the highlands of Jamaica to traverse Blue Mountain National Park, a tour private trip to Trebotti Organic Winery in Tuscany and a unique encounter with a herd of elephants at Samui Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand.

A warm and welcoming community

There is a close community connection on The world which nurtured good friendships between the residents. Some of the 150 families calling The world “home” choose to participate in expeditions together and these shared experiences enrich life on board. Together, the residents had once-in-a-lifetime encounters, like watching an indigenous Papua New Guinea tribe perform a fire dance ceremony and playing golf in the Antarctic snow after retracing the historic steps of Sir Ernest Shackleton – all of this has created a warm atmosphere and welcoming sense of community.

Although there is a lot of team spirit on board The world, residents also enjoy time alone, especially once inside their own luxury apartment. After walking through their front door after a day hiking in the Corsican mountains or a sunset camel safari in Australia, residents often relax on their balconies while a meal is prepared in their cooking by a private chef. Residences are sanctuaries at sea, where personal belongings such as books, family photographs, and art collections help make them a home.

Join the journey

So far, the residents have already experienced many world adventures and “firsts”. The mega yacht broke the record for the most southerly sail, reaching 78°43•997´S and 163°41•421´W in Whale Bay during a 22-day expedition in the Ross Sea, including 12 days in Antarctica. The world was also the largest passenger vessel to undertake a 24-day transit of Canada’s Northwest Passage from west to east on its record-breaking 2012 voyage and to return in 2019 to complete a 24-day double transit of east to west. In the world incredible expeditions are set to continue with highlights of 2023, including two unforgettable back-to-back trips to Antarctica.

To learn more about the ownership opportunities and unique residential lifestyle of this one-of-a-kind yacht, contact In the world Residential Advisor by calling +1 954 538 8449 / +44 20 7 572 1231 or click here.


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