How the ‘Geekset’ podcast is making its mark in Blerd culture

The media and pop culture fans who regularly flock to comic book conventions have experienced a problem in terms of live events over the past two years due to the pandemic. That didn’t stop some members of the pop press, like the Geekset podcast, to increase their content production and expand their reach in times of Covid.

“Young Deuces”, “Lib”, “Didge” and “Bacardi” are the personalities that make up the Geekset Podcast.

The show — “The only place that mixes Hip-Hop culture and Geek culture in one place,” according to the podcast’s website — found its unique identity and established its voice in Blerd (Black Nerd) culture. constantly expanding.

Having guests like Roy Wood Jr. (The daily show) and Phil LaMarr (pulp Fiction, mad tv) on the show, Geekset recently partnered with The podcast has also launched a new show on their YouTube page reviewing action figures, audio gear and more.

Geekset now announces perhaps their greatest undertaking, The Black Geek Documentarya documentary detailing the history of Blerd (past, present and future), in which the members of the show launched a GoFundMe campaign for.

“I really believe that we mix both cultures, Hip-Hop and Geek, on a high level,” Geekset“Young Deuces” (Rudy Strong) said. “We bring the Barbershop feel to discussions about demon slayer, The attack of the Titansthe MCU, games, etc.

“And when people listen, they often tell us that they want to be part of the conversation. It has helped us build our community as we can expand conversations from the podcast and have a full discussion in our discord or comment on it.

The chemistry between the show’s team has undoubtedly helped it gain momentum.

Geekset is made up of four people of color from different backgrounds who relate to geek culture,” said “Bacardi” (Ron Cegers). “Everyone has their own piece to the puzzle, our humor and chemistry comes from opening up each other’s personality and supporting them to fully express it within the group. This in turn has created distinct areas of Geekset as a brand in which each individual can express their own creativity, whether in shows, merchandise or collaborations.

“Lib” (Aderson Gonzalez) says the best part about making the show was the strong bond the podcast members formed and the organic way they approach things.

“Being able to have this meet every two weeks for the past four years to just chill, talk and have fun,” “Lib” said. “There is never any pressure, we are never prepared, we don’t care. We just do what we want and I love it. I love going there without a script, we never know where the show is going to take us.

For “Didge” (Demetrius Strong), the most rewarding part was the connection they made with their audience and the industry.

“For me, it’s an opportunity to connect and meet so many people,” said “Didge.” “Whether it’s fellow creators or listeners, that moment of being able to meet someone and instantly chat with them about a common interest that we’ve been discussing has been amazing.”

the Geekset Podcast and pop culture followers everywhere should soon be able to discover their favorite comic book cons, now that Covid restrictions have eased.

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