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Southeast San Diego on November 4, 2021. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

The masks have fallen! Kind of. In many places (but not all).

This week on the Voice of San Diego podcast, hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Andrea Lopez-Villafaña discuss how weird it is that we’re doing all this unmasking again — and what it means for the kids who attend the school these days.

And the San Diego Union-Tribune revealed a curious allegation against former San Diego councilwoman Barbra Bry by the city attorney’s office. It’s a strange and winding story that involves wandering documents, data retrieval technology, and housing (specifically vacation rental homes and how to track current property values).

Now, Bry faces an uncertain immediate future as the city attorney turns the case over to criminal investigators. It comes as Bry prepares to run for county assessor in this year’s election.

We break it all down on this week’s show.

And finally… The cost of living in San Diego is officially bananas.

Several reports released this week have shown that San Diego’s sun and wet waves are not enough to cope with soaring housing and energy prices. Keatts also explains the findings of these reports and what is happening in the housing market as an analysis looked at the number of “investors” who own multiple homes in the area.

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