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Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Warren Salvation Army Major Keith Jache (left) will be able to purchase more coats for those in need this winter thanks to a $ 1,500 donation from Hooktown Holidays presented by Terry Pearson .

Hooktown Holidays helps spread some heat this holiday season.

When Hooktown officials learned that the Salvation Army was running out of coats for the season, they decided to turn things around.

“I heard that and I said, ‘How can we run away? “” said Terry Pearson. “We put it on our Facebook.”

In addition to accepting donations through PayPal, Pearson reached out to longtime donors, hoping to reach a total of $ 1,500.

“Sean Ellsworth of Ed Shults of Warren is a wonderful, generous individual” he said.

He went to Ellsworth and made an offer. “If I write a check for $ 500 will you double it?” “

It was not a problem.

With that $ 1,000 and donations totaling an additional $ 200, Hooktown was nearing its goal.

“I went to Netta’s at Ekey Florist’s,” Pearson said.

When she asked how the effort was going to come, he told her, “We may be missing $ 300. “

“Why don’t I write you a check for $ 300?” “ she told him.

The goal of $ 1,500 at Hooktown – a total of $ 2,000 for Salvation Army coats when added to the $ 500 donated by the Knights of Columbus – was underway.

Hooktown officials considered purchasing coats.

Instead, they let Major Keith Jache take care of the purchasing.

“The Major has a source to buy this and gets a better price,” Pearson said. “We’ll write them a check and they can do their thing.” “

Pearson presented this check to Jache on Friday.

Hooktown started out small.

The Pearsons started setting aside $ 2 a week to help a neighbor.

They told some people what they were doing and asked if they could do the same.

The program has grown. Sometimes a little. At other times, by a lot. But every donation is important.

Pearson remembers a young girl walking to a table in Hooktown. She asked if Hooktown was involved in the Backpack program.

Then she reached into her purse and gave all she had – $ 0.13.

The largest donation in terms of dollars was $ 5,000, Pearson said.

“The strangest donation … was 8,000 cents”, he said. “The woman said she has been collecting them for years and years and years.”

That $ 5,080.13 – and every other penny of every donation to Hooktown – goes to help the community, Pearson said.

“Every penny we receive goes to those in need in the community” Pearson said. “We don’t give it to anyone else.”

“There is a difference between” need “and” want “” he said. “We serve the need, not the need. We don’t touch anything except when needed.

Sometimes the board targets certain programs that are needed, but it does not determine where the money is going.

“It all depends on the people who donate to us” Pearson said. “We do what they want us to do.”

The word comes out.

“We just need more and more people to know that a charity like this exists in their community and that it exists because of them.” Pearson said.

From a couple setting aside $ 2 a week, Hooktown has grown into a 501 (c) (3) incorporated company with a board of directors and a Facebook page, which accepts donations through PayPal, has a warehouse and has with a budget far north of $ 104 per year.

“By the end of this year, we will be close to the $ 165,000 we donated”, Pearson said.

“Alone, we can do so little”, Pearson said citing Helen Keller. “Together we can do so much. “

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