Historic DeepBlack NFT Project Pays Tribute to Beeple’s $69M Masterpiece

A recent and plausible prediction is forming around a broad church of projects and collections considered “historically significant NFTs”. This story progressed in October 2021 with a full set of My Curio cards sold for $1.2M auctioned at Christie’s. Now, it’s common to see representatives from all the major auction houses sent like canaries down the mineshaft into NFT Twitter to unearth the next historically significant project of broader significance.

From Beeple (mike winkelman) sold The first 5000 days for $69 million, his works are often interpreted as a barometer of the broader cryptocurrency and NFT market. His large and compelling digital artworks feature hidden (and not-so-hidden) Easter eggs. At March 4and 2021, Beeple essentially ennobled Punk4156 with their dystopian, futuristic take on King-Kong with CryptoPunk #4156. With Winkelmann’s relevance and market-making skills, it’s impossible for the artist to be unaware of the influence he wields.

Fast forward to start January 2022, and Beeple has shared another one of his dystopian visions titled “DEEP BLACK” with the world. Upon its reveal, it was immediately and intrinsically linked to a historically significant NFT collection titled “DeepBlack”. DeepBlack consists of 3,073 portraits and is the first AI-generated end-to-end art collection on the Ethereum blockchain, created without human interaction. Was this Winkelmann’s way of acknowledging the importance of historically significant NFTs and spotlighting DeepBlack as the next premier NFT collection?

Whatever Beeple’s intentions were, DeepBlack founder Pete was inspired to mark this momentous occasion. In honor of ‘DEEP BLACK’, Pete has created a collage version of the piece featuring all 3,073 original DeepBlack artworks. You may find yourself mesmerized as you zoom in on the work and be truly enthralled by the unique nature of the artwork created by AI artist, DeepBlack.

Pete’s collage was shared with the DeepBlack community, who were then asked what Pete should do with the piece. After twenty-four hours and many thoughtful submissions from the community, they voted to mint this coin as 1/1 and send it directly to Beeple’s Ethereum address in the hope that they enjoy this spectacular tribute. to his art.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1727680/DeepBlack.jpg

SOURCE DeepBlack

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