Here are all the Australian and New Zealand games from the Indie Pack for Aid to Palestinians

The Indie Bundle for Palestine Aid reached its goal of $ 500,000 in just three days. Let’s look at the local solidarity games.

Image: Framed collection, Loveshack

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In just three days, the Independent Bundle for Palestinian Aid has already surpassed its fundraising targets of $ 500,000 for UNRWA for Palestinian aid. In one monumental community effort that brings together over 1000 games, the bundle includes Liyla and the shadows of war, a Palestinian-made narrative platformer that explores a child’s experience during the 2014 Gaza War, as well as games from around the world. The pack includes many from the Australian and New Zealand community of game makers, who have taken this opportunity to show their solidarity with Palestine.

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The local games included cover a wide range of genres, styles and approaches, ranging from browser art games like Mohamed Chamas’s ALEPH {One Life}, which was created in response to the poem by Marwa Helal [[:”.’.,:]](REMIXD, to resources like the Alexander Swords Narrative Design eBook, The narrative design method of forest trails. In fact, if you can’t pick just one game to try, why not try ten at a time, with Andrew Karalis’ 10 in 1 games and prototypes, that he also contributed to the bundle?

Image: 10 in 1 games and prototypes

If you are looking for a puzzle game, the pack includes the tightly coiled chemistry puzzle and the 2013 Indiecade finalist, Sokobond. For something more minimalist, there’s Polyphonic LP’s musical puzzle app, Synthesizer, and for pure cosmic elegance you can try Ari Velasquez ‘ Astronomy.


“Being from Australia also highlights this – we live on colonized land; the fight for sovereignty here is linked to the fight for Palestine. To pretend otherwise seems wrong to me.

Max Myers

Mini-metro, from Auckland-based studio Dino Polo Club, won the award for Best Audio along with three other nominations in 2016, and an Honorable Mention for Best Debut at the GDC Awards; it is an elegant and visually clean puzzle game that tasks the player with designing subway layouts for a growing city.

Image: Mini-metro

Combining challenge and rich storytelling, Limiter by Sydney-based developer Alex Knowles gives the player a unique narrative perspective from the perspective of a fictional AI, which interprets the world through puzzles. Players after a real challenge could try Hacknet, by famous Australian designer Matt Trobbiani. Hacknet is an immersive terminal-based hacking simulator that places the player in the position of hacker and investigator, as you follow the instructions of a recently deceased hacker, whose death may not be there. accident reported by the media.

If you’re looking for a weird ambient exploration game, Daniel Linssen’s Sandstorm would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want something totally silly, Eatvolve is a ridiculous platform adventure where you guide a humble worm through ridiculous evolutions by eating other creatures and adopting their traits, and Crawlspace lets you go on an adventure as a six-legged spider.

Image: Eatvolve

Melbourne-based game developer Max Myers contributed Painting game in the package, an explorable coloring book that rekindles that sense of chaos and creativity that comes from being a kid with new crayons. For Myers, being part of this package was his way of “helping push the colonial project across the world, and loudly supporting Palestine, raising funds and calling out the evil and violence of Israeli colonialism.”

Image: Painting game

He draws a clear line between Israel’s colonial violence and the settler colonialism that indigenous peoples face in this country: “Being from Australia also highlights this – we live on colonized lands; the fight for sovereignty here is linked to the fight for Palestine. To pretend otherwise seems wrong to me.

Maize Wallin contributed to the music Painting game, Draknek and his friends’ Cosmic Express (Draknek also contributed to a healthy puzzle A good snowman is difficult to build), a puzzle game about planning the train route to the world’s toughest space colony. They also worked on the audio for Team Loveshack’s award-winning film. FRAMED Collection, which is included here, and which Hideo Kojima described as his 2014 Game of the Year.

Image: Cosmic Express

A long-time supporter of art as an activist, Wallin organized the #resistjam of itch in 2016. They were proud that their work could contribute to an important cause: “I have long believed that the game was no match for activism. But it shows that we CAN do it.

There is also a lot to play with friends: _________ (What is that ?) is an experimental team game about perception and keyboard spam.

In addition to these digital offerings, the pack includes local table games, including the latest award-winning experimental game from TTRPG designer Aaron Lim. A completely different river. The package also includes Diàn Xīn (电 心) Electric heart, a Cyberpunk TTRPG by Melbourne-based designer Alison Huang, alongside her GM-less relationship-focused game, The links that bind us, as well as another TTRPG without GM, Compromise // Empire by Swamp Hen.

Image: Compromise / Empire

The range of local games is indicative of the immense creative production of which these independent communities are capable, as well as the immense artistic territory that the term “games” now covers. It’s the independents and artistic game developers who push these boundaries, often for little financial compensation, or in their spare time. In addition, it expresses the level of care taken in the creation of independent and artistic games; what is highlighted here is not only artistic merit, but also genuine community care.

The independent pack for Palestinian aid is available for $ 5 until the end of the week.

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