“Have I been cut off?” And other alcohol policy issues

DABC commissioners do not appear to be happy with the Utah state legislature.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the commission had three coveted bar licenses to award – and 15 candidates. After much debate, they donated them to Aspen Cove Resort in Panguitch; Side Bar, from the owners of Ogden’s own distillery; and Brick & Mortar in downtown Salt Lake City.

But as commissioners for the Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Department tried to sort out who was ready to open, who would have the greatest economic impact with a license, and when the next license was available, they became increasingly concerned. more expressed on the situation created by the legislature.

You see, Utah distributes sea bass licenses by population quota. The formula – one license for 10,200 people – is a number invented by lawmakers. Commissioner Tara Thue called the lack of licenses “dismal”, and President Thomas Jacobson told people in the crowd to speak up and call on their lawmakers to fix it.

In the latest episode of “Utah Booze News: An Alcohol Policy Podcast”, we recap the DABC meeting. Tanner Strickland Lenart, lawyer with Christensen & Jensen, which specializes in liquor laws, returns to answer your questions posed on social media about why Utah’s laws are the way they are.

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