Halo: MCC is the best collection ever

Of all the game collections, none can compete with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Even now, none have gone beyond this celebration of Halo.

As video game support grows and improves, franchises surrounding one or a few characters have become commonplace. From Nathan Drake to Crash Bandicoot, these franchises have multiple installments that tell a gripping and highly entertaining story. The best way for younger generations to enjoy these games is by using compilations that summarize a character’s earliest or best playing adventures. When Microsoft released Halo: The Master Chief Collection in 2014, it not only changed the way game collections were to be packaged, but it also became one of the best, if not the best game collections of all time.

However, what makes The Master Chief collection such an incredible compilation is not something that came with its release. When the collection came out, it included all of the main series first-person shooters and spinoffs until Halo 4. But her online match was difficult to say the least. Players couldn’t match quickly or enjoy long online sessions, making the abilities nearly impossible to play. Even after constant updates, the developers at 343 Industries have apologized. They offered a free month of Xbox Live Gold and customizable items as well as a download for a first version of the Halo: ODST countryside. The collection didn’t become the best overnight, but its living anthology status has helped it stand out from its contemporaries in its nearly seven-year history.

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For The Master Chief collection, a living anthology means its developers will constantly add updates to the game, ensuring the collection delivers a new experience every few months to a year. This has been seen so far with the subsequent inclusion of Halo: ODST and 100 new achievements. With the live action series Halo: nightfall and a multiplayer beta for Halo 5: Guardians before its release. Additionally, an interesting update that arrived in 2018 brought back issues of Halo 2, like the flying sword. As a result, speedrun became a mode for players to challenge themselves and added another layer of replayability.

With its sophisticated and continuously improved multiplayer components, a whole new world of Halo came to life. The Master Chief collection offers player customization to create their ideal Spartan and even modify their nameplate. Personalization extends to weapons as well, ensuring that no member of the Spartans or Covenant is alike. With this addition, competitive players have the opportunity to make their own iconic creations in the community.

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However, while much attention is paid to multiplayer, that doesn’t mean that the games included are just direct ports. In fact, some are almost completely redone. For Halo 2, the developers have been working to bring a fully HD version of the game, with improved sound. The same goes for some of his maps, as they’ve been completely reworked from top to bottom. Each game in the franchise offers a remastered look and consistent updates that ensure it can still be compatible with current consoles.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection impresses with the level of care and attention from the developers put into the compilation. Not only does the franchise benefit from constant updates to improve the quality of life, but its multiplayer mode also receives constant additions, including a new opportunity for cross-play between PC players. But what does The Master Chief collection the best compilation ever has nothing to do with its content. Instead, it’s thanks to the developer support and the promise that every game is just as important now as it was when it was released.

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